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Supporting Opportunity: Seaton Foundation's Impact on NRFA

In sport, not every young person has the same chances to nurture their skills and take opportunities.

That is where organisations like the Seaton Foundation come in, making a significant impact on communities like ours. We are grateful to the Seaton Foundation for their unwavering support of players from the Northern Rivers Football Academy who have needed assistance over the past two years.

Supporting Opportunities for Young People

We are committed to creating an environment where young footballers can develop on and off the pitch, however we understand that life sometimes throws unexpected challenges. That is where the Seaton Foundation has stepped in, providing needed support to a number of our players and their families. Their generosity not only eases financial burdens but fuels our players' determination to continue to work hard.

Community Impact The Seaton Foundation doesn't stop at our Academy; their commitment to enhancing the lives and wellbeing of individuals and the Northern Rivers community is truly inspiring. To learn more about the Seaton Foundation and what they do you can visit their website here.


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