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Dear Club Delegate,

NRFA is proposing a series of Junior Development days for FFNC players in the under 9, 10

and 11 age groups. Male and Female.Sundays seems to be the most appropriate day and

the proposed dates are listed below.

April 30th

May 28th

July 23rd

August 27th &

September 10th

Format would be as follows:

Under 9’s, 7 a side (best for development)

Under 10’s and 11’s, 9 aside.

The simple aim is: - to provide players additional development opportunities, specifically

more game time in a challenging environment.

Options for nominating teams may be:

A select team from each age group or

Nominate your club team (within each age group).

The above will be dependent on how many teams you have in each age group, which won’t

become evident until your registrations are finalised.

Additional to the above will be space restrictions at each club, which may or may not result

in each club nominating one team per age group. Of course, this will be determined by the

number of clubs interested in participating.

No doubt you will be asking yourself what NRFA has to gain from the proposal? Quite


• Forming closer relationships.

• NRFA wish to see Junior and Youth football improve within the FFNC zone. We see

this as step 1 in local clubs and NRFA forming closer relationships in terms of player

development across the zone.

• NRFA will nominate our under 9 and 10 teams. More football = increased


Game times etc would be determined based on the number of participating clubs. Ideally,

we would be looking at each team playing 3 x 20-minute games (at a minimum) Start time

approx. 8:30 am and finished by 1:00pm at the latest.

Referees would be provided by the host club. Senior players, Youth players etc.

NRFA will host the first day at The Cavanbah Centre, Byron Bay, April 30th. Post April 30th

participating clubs who wish to host will be placed on a roster. In terms of logistics (I.e. set

up) I would like to propose that all clubs assist the host club in terms of set up. This may be a simple as one volunteer from each club arriving at the host club one (1) hour before start

time, to assist with set up.

In terms or resources (portable goals, footballs, cones, etc) we may need to assist each

other in terms of sharing. E.g. some clubs may need some extra portable goals to set up

fields? Teams can bring their own footballs and I am sure each team will have their own

cones etc. If you need goals NRFA can co-ordinate.

Please discuss this proposal at your next committee meeting and get back to me with your

desire to participate. This will allow me to plan the next step.

I have forwarded this proposal to the larger clubs within the FFNC zone, however NRFA does not wish to alienate smaller clubs. All are welcome. If you know of other clubs who may be interested, please encourage them to contact me and I can add them to my contact list.

Yours in Sport,

Gavin Whitney


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